Tom is the founder and director of Except, and the visionary force behind its development. He is also the chairman of the Environment Committee of the World Institute for Change Management and Innovation (WICMI) in Switzerland.

Tom founded Except at the age of 19 in 1999 with a mission to find systemic solutions for our societal challenges by combining science, business, design, and communication. In the past decades, he has developed several hundred projects globally, for groundbreaking sustainable cities, buildings, business, policy, and industry. Tom’s vision shows that we can flourish globally when we simultaneously integrate environmental, societal, economical, and technical aspects in our society.

As director and designer, he’s driven Except’s bio-based architectural and urban designs, such as the Merredin Algae plant, Shanghai vertical agriculture tower systems, Salesforce Park in San Francisco, ReGen Villages in Oosterwold, Almere, and the urban redevelopment of large and small cities around the world. This includes their energy systems, ecosystem services, resource metabolisms, business models and the health and happiness of their people. In 2016 he launched the concept of Catalytic buildings, and started the development of the first entirely self sufficient city model of Orchid City in 2019. He spearheads developments ranging from software for supply chain optimization to sustainable agriculture systems such as Polydome.

Salesforce Transit Centre in San Francisco
Salesforce Transit Centre in San Francisco
Orchid City