Luk Peeters is a founding partner and Head of Architecture at ORG Permanent Modernity, a multidisciplinary design agency for urban planning and architecture. Since 2007 he has developed a bureau
with a team of 40 people, with offices in Brussels and New York. He has produced high-profile designs at home and abroad, with active projects in Europe and Africa.
Since ‘00 Luk has extensive and international experience in designing sustainable production buildings and sites. He has taken an innovative approach with ORG projects by bringing production into the fabric of the
city, creating mixed-use typologies and shaping them within timeless, flexible structures. He designed the masterplan for the Abattoir site in Anderlecht, as well as the Foodmet, an iconic building (with the largest aquaponic urban roof farm in Europe) where production, meat processing and markets are brought together in one building. He also led the research and development for several mixeduse production / residential buildings that are currently under construction in Brussels, paving the way for new social and functional mixing in the city. Recently, he presented the ORG project Broeklin, the largest circular makers market, performance arts and biodiverse garden district in Belgium.
He is often asked to lecture on the pioneering work that ORG has carried out with regard to the ‘productive city’.

Broeklin – Makers Market and Performance Arts District
Machelen, Belgium
Center for Agricultural Transformation, Lillongwe, Malawi- Exterior Research Center and Innovation Lab
Marchandises – Exterior Courtyard with Residential, Daycare, Office and Industry.
Brussels, Belgium
Abattoir Foodmet, Aquaponic Roof Farm
Brussels, Belgium. Credit: Severin Malaud