Johan Anrys is a founding partern of 51N4E, a Brussels based international practice that concerns itself with matters of space production i.e. architecture, urbanism, design and spatial analysis. 51N4E was founded in 1998 and gained renown through key projects such as Lamot (2005), Groeningemuseum (2002), TID Tower Tirana (2004/10), C-Mine( 2006/10) and Skanderbeg Square (2008/11). In 2004 51N4E received the prestigious Rotterdam Maaskant Award for Young Architects. Since 2007 51N4E has doubled its impact through the establishment of a Balkan office (Tirana).

“My engagement in cities as diverse as Brussels and Tirana has strengthened me in the belief that amazing transformations are possible when we can create the freedom to focus on a shared purpose and not just on a set of tasks. My dream is to build on those experiences and to feed them back into the practice. I imagine 51N4E evolving into a self-steering collaboration of designers and experts that team up with others to create collective intelligence both in content and organisation. We will need this approach to deal with the social and environmental challenges ahead of us.”