Dikkie Scipio is architect and founding partner of KAAN Architecten, founded in Rotterdam in 2014 together with Kees Kaan and Vincent Panhuysen. She previously was partner at Claus en Kaan Architecten.

After exploring various crafts, Scipio studied applied arts and interior design at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague and successively trained as an architect at the Rotterdam Academy of Architecture. Scipio’s training allows her to lead work, which ranges from large-scale master plans to furniture and interior design, from initial concept to execution. Complex projects of renovation and extension of classified monuments play a central role in her architectural practice.

Scipio is an advocate toward the importance of understanding the process of building. She has great admiration and respect for craftmanship, an attitude that must not be misunderstood by being conservative. Dikkie believes in the quality for all; showing curiosity and interest in new developments, and in the science, social, art and culture fields.

She is currently Professor of Architectural Design at Münster University of Applied Sciences.