Chris Precht is the co-founder of architectural studios Precht and Penda. After training at University of Innsbruck, Technical University of Vienna and teaching at the Institute of Experimental Architecture, he established Studio Penda in Beijing in 2013 with Fei Precht and Sun Dayong. In 2017 he and his wife Fei moved to the mountains of Salzburg, to establish Studio Precht. From this remote location they grow their own food, and work on global projects to reconnect nature and architecture. 

Buildings by Studio Precht use natural materials with a low carbon footprint and are designed to give back space to nature and offer areas for gardening. Studio Precht has won numerous national and international awards, including Emerging Firm of the Year Award from Architizer. Chris takes pride in being part of a new generation of architects who speak with a fresh voice, oriented towards a more ecological future.

A Thousand Yards Pavilion