Together with you, Stadsmakersfonds (City makers funds) wants to make a difference in cities and neighbourhoods. By co-financing the redevelopment of special buildings, we help to develop ‘Places that matter’. Places that offer space to vulnerable groups, create opportunities for sustainable and local entrepreneurship, and support community building and mental wellbeing in our neighbourhoods. As a cooperative development fund, the City Makers Fund does not strive for profit maximisation, but for the maximisation of positive social impact. The City Makers Fund collected more than 2 million euros from more than 100 shareholder and was chosen as one of the radical innovators of 2022.

The Stadsmakersfonds is an initiative by Miss Miyagi, a Belgian organisation specializing in the development of innovative real estate projects with social added value. To this end, this team of committed city makers and project managers developed an ecosystem of services to assist owners of special properties, policy makers and citizens or organizations with a demand for space at every stage of the development process.

An will be taking the stage together with her colleague Michiel Van Balen