The Venue

Ghent – secret location

The event will be happening in a secret location in Ghent (BE). A large industrial site close to the city center, featuring unique heritage buildings. The site is currently part of a major masterplan excercise, facing challenges and opportunities in terms of architecture, sustainability, mobility, role and function… as such a very relevant décor in relation to the topics of the event.

All details will be provided at a later stage. Follow our Instagram channel for the latest updates.

Each day will start around 2.30pm, and end around 11pm.

The venue is easy to reach by car or public transport.

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Secret location in Ghent, Belgium


28 – 30 September 2022

For Who?

The event is designed to appeal to architects, designers, engineers, project developers, governments, investors, entrepreneurs, press, students and other industry professionals. Business leaders, opinion formers, policy makers, media and anyone with an interest in the importance of architecture and how it can improve the world.


Why this new event?

The curated LifeCycles program is built around six topics, the lifecycle of a city, architecture, construction, environment, community and technology. Each of these topics is very much subject to change and innovation. Moreover they are inextricably intertwined. Major trends such as urbanization not only determine the function and interpretation of our cities, but also the needs and form of our buildings. At the same time, we face major challenges in terms of mobility and sustainability, we live in an increasingly connected and data-driven society, we are evolving towards smart cities and construction industry is increasingly focusing on modular, circular and 3D printed construction. This event aims to gather all related stakeholders and provide a unique platform for debate, inspiration and future-oriented thinking.

Is this the first edition?

Yes. this will be the first edition, with more to follow in the coming years.

Is the line-up of speakers complete?

No! More exciting names coming. Register on the homepage and follow us on Instagram or Linkedin to stay informed.

How can we arrange our visit from abroad?

The city of Ghent has plenty of hotels and is easy to reach. Brussels airport is about 40 minutes by car, or with direct train connections. London, Paris, Amsterdam and other cities have easy connections to Ghent.

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Who is organizing?

This event is initiated, curated and managed by Reggy Van den Branden, supported by a team of enthousiast and various high-level partners and sponsors.

More questions?

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